Campers entering 5th-7th grade in fall of 2020


We have a lot of fun leading our oldest camp group. We challenge them with longer hikes and canoe trips, and plan activities and games that lead to a better understanding of our intricate ecosystems. We encourage their input and suggestions so we may choose the activities that fit each group’s interest – we want them to help design their adventures. We hope to see many of the Shrikes continue on as Junior Naturalists once they start 7th grade and start training to be EcoCamp Assistant Counselors!

Each week has a broad topic so you can select a theme based on your camper’s interest. The staff will be able to make adjustments within the theme based on campers’ questions with plenty of room for unscheduled curiosities to turn into hours of fun exploration. The weekly themes will be the same for each age group to encourage shared learning and activities because our campers often learn as much from each other as from us. As always, the groups will be split by grade, the activities will be age appropriate, and traditional EcoCamp games will continue.


Wet & Wild
June 22-26
9am - 4pm

Cool off in the waters of Pickering Creek. We’ll explore the muddy freshwater wetlands, look for the little creeks and puddles that dot our forest, and seine and fish our creek. Be prepared to get wet and muddy as we wade through these habitats collecting and watching wildlife, creating damns and new pools, and learning how water is the center for all habitats – big and small!

June 29 – July 2 (4-day week due to 4th of July, prices adjusted accordingly)
9am - 4pm

Learn how to use your creative side to show the world your love of nature. Help fill Pickering Creek with leaf mosaics, rock rainbows, mud creatures on tree trunks, toad and fairy homes, and sand and clay structures. We’ll use the materials we find throughout our forest, wetlands, and creek to leave little pieces of artwork for Pickering visitors to discover.

Puzzle Masters
July 13 – 17
9am - 4pm

What grows when it eats, but dies when it drinks? What breaks but never falls, and what falls but never breaks? Test your puzzle solving skills with us this week! We'll answer nature riddles, use our team-building skills to complete challenges, and find clues to follow a scavenger hunt through the forests, wetlands, and shores of Pickering Creek!

Outdoor Survivor
July 20 – 24
9am – 4pm

Be ready for your next outdoor adventure!  Learn how to predict the weather, what to watch out for and what can help in an emergency, and how to build shelters and keep warm. Find out more about the tricks that animals (and even some plants) use to survive in difficult conditions.

Habitat Heroes- SOLD OUT
July 27 – 31
9am - 4pm

Become a protector of wildlife and the places they need! We'll learn about some of the difficulties local wildlife face and ways to help them. Go seining and test the water to find out how healthy Pickering Creek is, and plant some native flowers for birds and butterflies. Join us as we look for plants and animals, build some habitats, and create fun projects to improve life for animals on the Eastern Shore! SOLD OUT

Adventureland- SOLD OUT
August 3 – 7
9am - 4pm

Life can be one adventure after another! From water games to fort building, nature art to seining, wetland traversing to log flipping – choose your own adventure at EcoCamp 2020’s Final Hurrah! SOLD OUT

Camp Transportation:
We offer transportation Monday – Friday during the following Shrikes weeks: June 29 - July 2, July 13-17, and July 27-31. Transportation is available from Easton to EcoCamp each morning and afternoon (Pickup between 8:30 & 8:40 and Drop-off between 4:20 & 4:30).

Transportation is $20 per camper, per week. If you no longer need camp transportation or you cancel your camp reservation, transportation funds will be refunded through May 31st, 2020.




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