Why Your Support is Important

Pickering Creek Audubon Center is passionate about protecting the Bay region's birds, wildlife and their natural habitats by connecting people with nature and sharing the science behind their experience. Continuing our vital work depends on generosity from people like you.

One of the most basic ways we can shape the future for ourselves and generations to come is to preserve the natural world around us. Perhaps you are drawn to the marshes, farm fields and forests of the Eastern Shore because of your appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature, your recognition of the interconnectedness of habitat, wildlife, and human survival, or the opportunities the natural world offers for discovery, refuge, and renewal. Whatever the reason, your support of Pickering Creek shows that you are aware of the threats to these types of special places, the birds and other wildlife they harbor, and the growing disconnect of people and nature and that you are willing to take part in efforts to stop it.

For 100 years, Audubon has united concerned citizens to preserve birds, wildlife and their habitat through citizen science, habitat preservation, advocacy and education. Pickering Creek Audubon Center relies on contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations to support its important work here in Maryland. Private support is crucial to the future of Pickering for the following reasons:

  • For the past 30 years we have worked to offer our educational programs for Talbot County Public Schools and surrounding counties at a rate that is extremely affordable to the school system. As a result, tuition and program fees pay just a small part of the actual cost of offering these programs. Contributions make up the difference and keep these programs affordable to schools.
  • Our budget is based on charitable contributions and program revenues. We do not receive any funds for our program related costs from National Audubon. 
  • It would take an endowment of over $7,000,000 to replace the revenue that gifts and grants provide each year.
  • One young person, inspired by their Audubon experience, can positively affect the natural world around us--AND ONE PERSON MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Audubon's critical work cannot take place without your financial support. If you wish to support a community-based center open for all to enjoy and experience nature and educate people young and old about the importance of protecting our natural resources, please consider making a gift today to Pickering Creek Audubon Center.


Many Ways to Give

Many Ways to Give

Your tax-deductible gift supports the projects and programs that help us achieve our mission as one of the state's leading environmental centers that is teaching about the Chesapeake Bay, and its ecosystems and plant and animals that call it home.

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Conservation Education
Students & Teachers

Building Environmentally Literate Citizens

Maryland requires all students graduate high school as environmentally literate citizens. Pickering Creek Audubon Center is leading the way on the Shore to provide meaningful outdoor experiences throughout the school career.

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What is Pickering Creek Audubon Center?
About Us

What is Pickering Creek?

Explore, restore, volunteer, enjoy our 400-acre working farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland situated next to the tidal Pickering Creek in Talbot County, Maryland.

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How you can help, right now