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Dream Birds

Imagine, Draw, Find one for real
What is a “dream bird?” A bird that you think does not really exist! We want you to come up with your own bird using this downloadable worksheet. When you are imagining your dream bird, think about the bird’s field marks. Field marks are the distinctive features that we use to identify birds. The four most important marks are size, shape, color, and pattern. To help you imagine your bird, try answering some of these questions:
-Does your bird have a short or long beak?
-Is your bird’s beak straight or curved?
-Does your bird have long or short legs?
-What color is your bird?
-Does your bird have multiple colors?
-Does your bird have any special patterns (spots or stripes)?
When you’ve finished describing your bird, draw it at the bottom of the page! Then, email a scan or a picture of your worksheet to
As soon as we get your submissions, our staff of bird experts will get to work trying to find a real-life bird species from around the world that matches your “dream birds.” Once we find a match, we will send you a species profile and its picture!
Keep checking the Pickering Creek Facebook page, as we will be sharing your most creative or artistic submissions here to inspire others!

Here are some submissions so far

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