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Connecting People to Maryland's Saltmarshes

Make your mark on the marsh!

Did You Know?

One of the largest contiguous blocks of salt marsh along the Northeast Atlantic Coast is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland just south of Pickering Creek? Dorchester County is home to internationally recognized salt marsh habitat that provides essential stopover, feeding, and nesting areas for birds like Bald Eagles, Rails, and Saltmarsh Sparrows.

Marshes Matter

Salt marshes are critically important to people as well, providing a first line of defense against rising sea levels and increased storm damage. Our local culture and economy depends on healthy salt marshes for fishing, recreation, and tourism.

We are all connected to salt marshes on the Eastern Shore.  Yet this vital resource is threatened.

However, community collaboration can protect our local salt marshes and way of life.

Make a Difference

Pickering Creek Audubon Center is partnering with members of our community to protect salt marshes today and preserve them for tomorrow. Here’s how you can help:

  • Connect with Pickering Creek Audubon Center.  Schedule a presentation tailored for your community group or organization to learn what we can do as a network to reduce the impact of climate change on our community and important landscapes like marshes.
  • Take action! Experience this resource up close and personal.  Participate in a guided Salt Marsh Exploration and Planting Day at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge this spring. 
  • Collaborate for positive change. Join a coalition of businesses, faith, and community groups to organize a public open house to promote clear understanding of climate change and share strategies that address climate-related impacts in our community.Find out how you can help with your community group by calling 410-822-4903. 

Visit one of Maryland's most important Saltmarshes, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, today!



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