Working with partners to improve habitat along the Atlantic Flyway at Pickering Creek and in surrounding communities.

From creating wetlands and warm season grass meadows on the 400 acre Pickering Creek Audubon Center, to creating schoolyard habitats or planting saltmarsh grasses in Maryland's Important Bird Areas, Pickering Creek Audubon Center is working with partners to improve bird habitat on Maryland's Eastern Shore. To make an even bigger impact for wildlife, every habitat project at Pickering Creek and in the community includes a student driven component.  Students learn about bird habitats, make recommendations and implement habitat plantings that connect them deeply to the natural world around them. 

Converting Farmland to Wetlands
At Pickering

Add Water, they will Come!

Pickering’s New Shallow Water Wetland Awaits Visiting Shore Birds… and You!

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Local Students Take Action on the Eastern Shore
In The Community

Students Digging In

Each time a student interacts with Pickering Creek, they take action for wildlife!

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Birds helped with improved habitats

How you can help, right now