Campers entering K-1st grade in fall of 2018

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We guide our youngest adventurists around Pickering at their level – literally! Short hikes pause frequently to turn over logs, look under leaves, and examine a new treasure with magnifying lens in hand. We will fish, swim, pond, and explore like the older campers but everything we do is adjusted for them, with plenty of opportunities to focus our activities on new questions and discoveries that always come up with this curious age group.

These young explorers are full of energy but they can also tire quickly. You can choose the length of your camper’s day based on their schedule. All campers start at 9 am but they can stay until 2 pm or 4 pm. You must select the day length at time of registration (weekly price is adjusted). Full-day Fledglings will have a quite time after lunch so they are reenergized for the second half of the day.

EcoCamp 2018 updates!  When campers tell us about their best experiences, it is almost always something that happened during a scheduled free exploration time or hike. We’ve been gradually adding in scheduled times over the years to create these memorable “natural” moments and this summer, we will take that a step further. This year explorations will be as much camper led as staff led so the campers can explore and discover at their own pace. Because of this, our weekly themes look a little different.

Each week has a broad topic so you can select a theme based on your camper’s interest. The staff will be able to make adjustments within the theme based on campers’ questions with plenty of room for unscheduled curiosities to turn into hours of fun exploration. The weekly themes will be the same for each age group to encourage shared learning and activities because our campers often learn as much from each other as from us. As always, the groups will be split by grade, the activities will be age appropriate, and traditional EcoCamp games will continue.

Wet & Wild- SOLD OUT!
June 18 – 22; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm
Cool off in the waters of Pickering Creek. We’ll be exploring the muddy freshwater wetlands, looking for the little creeks and puddles that dot our forest and seine and fish our creek. Be prepared to get wet and muddy as we wade through these habitats collecting and watching wildlife, creating damns and new pools, and learning how water is the center for all habitats – big and small! SOLD OUT!

ImagiNature- SOLD OUT!
June 25 – 29; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm
Become a Field Artist for a week! Help us fill Pickering Creek with camper-designed land art, mud creatures on tree trunks, toad and fairy homes, and sand and clay structures. We’ll be using the materials we find throughout our forest, wetlands, and creek to leave little pieces of artwork for Pickering visitors to discover.SOLD OUT!

*Transportation available, see below

Take Flight- SOLD OUT!
July 9 – 13; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm
Birds live in all habitats – from the coldest to warmest and hottest to driest. Could you survive in the habitats at Pickering? We’ll learn about the different birds that call the Eastern Shore home, where they live and what they eat. We’ll try our hand at fishing, insect netting, seed collecting, and nest building. SOLD OUT!

Nature Ninja- SOLD OUT!
July 23 – 27; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm
Last summer we were Forest Ninjas, this summer we are expanding to the Creek and Wetlands as Nature Ninjas. We’ll practice the art of camouflage and close observation. We’ll learn how to be calm, quiet, and prepared. We will be “One with Nature”. SOLD OUT!

*Transportation available, see below

Chesapeake- SOLD OUT!
July 30 – August 3; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm
Our Chesapeake region is full of many different animals. From under our feet to soaring overhead, every nook and cranny is home to someone. We’ll spend the week catching, spotting, trapping, and hooking the animals of the Chesapeake for close study, then release! -SOLD OUT!

Adventureland- SOLD OUT!
August 6 – 10; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm
Join us for one last summer adventure! From water games to fort building, nature art to seining, wetland traversing to log flipping – Choose your Own Adventure at EcoCamp 2018’s Final Hurrah!

*Camp Transportation
We offer transportation Monday – Friday during the following Fledgling weeks: ImagiNature (June 25 – 29) and Nature Ninja (July 23-27). Transportation is available from Easton to EcoCamp each morning and afternoon (4 pm). If you choose to end the camp day at 2 pm instead of 4 pm, you will need to pick your camper up from Pickering Creek. SOLD OUT!

Transportation is offered at no cost to families thanks to generous gifts from community members.

Van space is limited. A spot can be reserved as soon as the registration and deposit is received. 




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